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EMFI Research

Delivering Emerging Markets Intelligence to Guide Your Decisions

EMFI Securities Limited is an intelligence-focused financial services firm based in London and authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

EMFI’s objective is to provide high-quality emerging market commentary and research, focusing on the coverage of segments of the EM universe that have traditionally been overlooked by most established market players. Our research team, composed of an experienced group of economists and market professionals, strives to add value to our clients by delivering a detailed analysis of the most important issues affecting each country. We embrace debate and in-depth discussions of the topics at hand, leveraging our international presence to add local flavour to our reports while putting particular emphasis on going beyond obvious aspects to uncover the key elements required to develop enriching views.

Our research team is made up by four groups: the macro, strategy, desk analyst and quantitative teams. While the macro analysts explain the most important macroeconomic variables by relying on our proprietary models and views, the strategy team works closely with the desk analysts to review the most important financial variables from a market perspective, with a particular emphasis on the elements determining the performance of fixed income securities issued by the different countries. Finally, the quantitative team works closely with the other analysts to develop proprietary forecasts and quantitative models that allow us to develop our in-house views.

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